Psalm 25 - Essentials of your prayer life

Psalms 25

When chaos and pain strikes into your life unexpectedly, who do you call? Who do you trust? Who do you ask when  you need wisdom? Who you call is important... I love how King David had a faithful prayer life. In Psalms 25, there is a beautiful example of how he cried out to God in times of trouble and all the while, he acknowledged God’s sovereignty. David’s faith spoke in confidence of God’s kindness towards faithful ones, those who who lift up his soul, confess their  sins, and pray for forgiveness. In this prayer, he showed how much he trust God and how he will patiently await for His response. During the waiting period, it becomes a time to shape our faithfulness, our trust, and sometimes it can be a reminder of the consequences of sin. David also asked to be protected from his enemies. He knew that for those who are not patient with His response could be put to shame. David humbly asked for wisdom and for God to teach David His ways. The more we walk in God’s ways, the more we acknowledge the sins from our youthful years.

 I know when I pray, I take the opportunity to thank Him for transforming me into His image. I can look back and I celebrate that I no longer live my old life; for in Christ my life is renewed. My relationship deepens with Christ because I desire for his guidance, desire for His forgiveness and I love the internal freedom that comes after confessing sins or wrong doings. Then I praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy.

I  pray that this message is a sweet reminder how important your prayer life is because it is the foundation of your daily relationship with Christ. You’ll be able to walk in His path and walk in holiness. Your prayer life is key in helping you respond to life better and to walk in obedience. Doing so brings you peace because you will come to witness God’s provisions. Your prayer life will keep you in check, focused on miss His guidance. Prayer life gives us great strength in self control.

Take a moment to read a chapter and start making it a habit to call on Jesus when unpredicted chaos strikes, watch how your life improves when you start do so. I’ve encountered many unpredictable situations in my life but I still can find joy in Christ because I have seen his miracles and how He has moved in my life. He has shaped me enough that I am alert and can recognize it when the enemy tries to steal my joy. He knows if the enemy can instill doubt in my mind, it only takes one door for him to walk in to feed me lies to try to shake my faith. All the enemy is doing is trying to get my eyes off of Jesus. The devil strikes slowly, piece by piece, until we’re so broken then that’s when he strikes the hardest, he wants us to feel destroyed .  Not today Satan!

I pray that my relationship with Christ helps yours so together we can keep advancing God’s Kingdom.Remember He is BIGGER than your problems and way bigger than the enemy! The enemy knows he is defeated so the only power he has is to deceive us and to take as many souls as he can to the lake of fire. I want to be louder than Satan’s lies and raise a hallelujah in the middle of my storms and I hope you do and want the same!



Megg Rose

DWOF Founder/Teacher

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