1. Are there any discounts for volunteers (such as SSP, etc.)? 

No, all attendees, including volunteers, will need to register and pay the registration fee.


2. Will SSP gets break? 

Yes, we will make sure SSPs have breaks.


3. Can DeafBlind retreat attendees bring their own SSP?

Yes- as long as the SSP registers and pays the registration fee.


4. Will there be transportation to and from the retreat site and the airport?

No, there will not be any transportation provided. However, Midway Regional airport has car rental.


5. For emergencies at the retreat, who should I contact?

Vanessa Magnon will be the person to contact. Her contact information will be given in the retreat packet upon arrival.


6. Who will be my roommate?

DWOF will be assign rooms/roommates.


7. Can I request to have my friends to be my roommate?

Yes,  you can request it- all requests will be honored as long as availability allows it.


8. Can I bring snacks and drinks in my room?

Yes, you may bring your own snacks and drinks to your room.


9. Can I visit at retreat without sleeping at the hotel or cabin?

Yes, however, retreat registration fee is still $250. 


10. Will I get refunds if I cannot make it?

Unfortunately, there will be no refunds. You may, however, gift your registration to a friend.


11. Can I bring my husband or family?

Husbands may attend, we request that they volunteer. Married couples will room together.


12. What kind of clothes should I wear?

Casual and comfortable attire. Weather can be very warm in Texas in October. Bring a jacket, just in case.


13. Should I bring my bible?



14. Should I notify DWOF my medications?

No, however- please share any medical conditions and allergies when registering so that we may best serve you and your needs.


15. Can I book my own private room? 

No, unless you have a medical condition in which you’d need a room alone. Please mention this during registering.


16. Are children allowed?

Only nursing mothers up to 5 months old may bring their babies. 


17. What is included in the registration price?

Hotel/cabin, 8 meals, wonderful speakers and other activities! 


18. Does the site accomodate wheelchairs?

Yes, most of the campus have ramps and elevators that will accommodate guests in wheelchairs. 


19. What about food allergies/dietary restrictions?

Please note any food allergies or dietary restrictions on your registration.


20. What is the cancellation policy?

There is no cancellation policy, also- no refunds. If you have to cancel, please gift your registration to a friend. 


21. What about service animals?

Only service animals are allowed. Please bring proof of ADA certification. 


22. What is the campsite’s address?

The address to LakeView Camp 5128 FM 66 WAXAHACHIE, TX 75167


23. Will I have internet access?

Yes, you will receive wifi password upon your arrival.

24. When is the registration deadline? 

May 31, 2020 is the last day for early bird registration ($250). After May 31, 2020 the rates will increase to cabin- $300 and hotel $350.

 *The deadline to register and pay registration fee is August 31, 2020


25. Will there be voice interpreters?

We are currently seeking volunteers to voice interpret. All volunteers must register and pay registration fee.