Online ASL Music Classes 

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 The online ASL music classes will provide you or your group with the opportunity to work with Megg Rose. Megg Rose is known for performing music in American Sign Language that goes beyond than just ASL translation. You can see her work at Megg Rose has a solid background as a performer both on the screen and stage. Her artistic form showcases the emotions of the music so that the Deaf may thoroughly enjoy music just like their hearing counterparts. Her form includes facial expression, choice of sign, drama, and more. You can find more of her work at and make requests at

Megg is passionate in teaching and wants to pass the torch down to the future generation to create ASL performances with music. Megg has the gift and the  ‘know-how’ to take your ASL music translation and performance to the next level. This class will benefit those who are wishing to take their ASL translation and drama with music to that next level. Megg believes that music is what our heart sounds like and as a teacher, she emphasizes bringing that out into life.


Classes are available in a one on one session or group sessions. Prices are listed below:

$45/hour for one on one session (solo)
$200 for group session for 4 hours (1 hour per week for four weeks) with a maximum of 5 persons per group session.


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